Siamese Dream : 상반된 측면의 공존





2019. 7. 5  – 31 

A R T N O M 

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Happy Paradise, Shinsegae Department Store, Gwangju 
2017 ARTNOM, CIge.China international Gallery Exposition, Beijing

        (Beijing_CIGE selected artist solo exhibition)
        Que Sera, Sera, Gallery Joeun, Seoul
2016 LIFE IN COLOR, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
2015 Happy Art Christmas, Paradise Hotel, Busan
        Matter is void, Void is matter, Assouline Gallery, Seoul
        Artnom of the Wonderland, Dongtan Cultural Complex Center Art Space, Dongtan
        Matter is void, Void is matter, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
2014 Mr. Giburo, Seoul City Hall Square_Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul
2013 THE HORROR SHOW, MUSIC x ART GALLERY, Jisan Rock Festival
        Gahwamansaseong, Gallery Toast, Seoul
        Artnom, Superior Gallery, Seoul
2012 Two Men Show, Artnom & Kim Tae-jung 2 person Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul
        Artnom, Gana Art Park Museum, Gyeonggi-do
2011 Artnom Happynom _ Solo Exhibition, LVS Gallery, Seoul
2009 Pleasantness coming from coexistence of reality and fiction, KT Art Hall, Seoul
2008 Artnom, Gallery Owho, Bucheon
        Iller Pop, Ssamzie "Iller Pop", Seoul

Group Exhibitions
2019 Popcorn, Daegu Art Museumt, Daegu
        Now K-Art, SA +, Hong Kong
        Gyeongju International Residency Art Festa 2019, Gyeongju Arts Center, Gyeongju
        POPART, Koo House, Yangpyeong
        Nonobvious FUN Fun Art (the collections of MMCA and the Art Bank), Gyeongju Arts Center, Gyeongju
2018 100 Albums 100 Artists, Lotte Jamsil Avenuel Gallery, Seoul
         Magpies and tigers, GS Caltex Yeul Maru, Yeosu
2017  Kiss, and honeymoon diary, Lotte Department Store Gallery (Yeongdeungpo), Seoul
2016  Again, telling the light, BNK Art Gallery (Busan Bank), Busan
         COLOR THRAPY, Print Bakery, Seoul
         Popcorn, Gwangjin Foundation for Arts & Culture, Seoul
2015  70 years from liberation, Korean Art Festival, DDP, Seoul
         Gwanghwamun Cotton Candy, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul
2014  LOVE.LOVE.LOVE (Artnom & Charles Jang 2 Person Exhibition), Grimson Gallery, Seoul
         Forty-eight, Gana Art Atelier Exhibition, Gana Atelier
         Our strange amusement world, Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju
         Department Exhibition, Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch, Busan
2013  POP! POP! POP!, Gana Art Busan, Busan
         Cool Earth, Cool Running, Lotte Gallery, Seoul
         Singing Spring, Seoul Square Media Canvas, Seoul
         (Spring Project) Birth, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
2012  Three Wishes for Christmas, Art Center Nabi COMO, Seoul
          SCAF, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
          Peace and Piano Festival: Pop-up Piano, Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon
          K-Art Vision Star Art Festival, The Korea Economic Daily, Insa Art Center, Seoul
          Color x Art x Experience 4: Pattern, The Goyang Eoulim Art Museum, Goyang
          This is popular art, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul
          Birth of a Family, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju 
2011  Happy Music Samik Piano, Gana Art Center, Seoul
          The sympathy of all generation, Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan
2010  Pop Party, Jangheung Art Park, Jangheung
          Hi! Hero, Bupyeong Arts Center, Bupyeong
          Meet Celadon at Gangjin, Gangjin Celadon Museum, Gangjin
          Science Meets Art, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwacheon
          Imaginary World-Fantastic World, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju 
          Wow ~! Funny Pop, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon
          MY PRIVATE COLLECTION, Gana Art Center, Seoul


Public Collections
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Art Bank
Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Gana Art Center
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Daemyung Hotel and Resort
Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.


Doctor Course Completion. Department of Sculpture, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hongik University
M.F.A. Department of Sculpture, Hongik University
B.F.A. Department of Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Kangwon National University 


Solo Exhibitions  
2019 Illusion of sculpture: 'Between material and shadow', Street Museum, Seoul
2018 Illusion of sculpture: 'Between material and shadow', Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
2017 Illusion of sculpture: 'Infinity Space', Kimi Art, Seoul
        Illusion of sculpture: 'Infinity Space', Hyeyum creative lounge in Yonsei Univ, Seoul
2014 Illusion of sculpture: 'ABdy warhol', DMC Gallery, Seoul
2013 Illusion of sculpture: 'Myth', Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
        Illusion of sculpture: 'Repetition & Propagation', Hanbyukwon Gallery, Woljeon Foundation of Art Culture, Seoul
        Illusion of sculpture: 'Myth', Moin Gallery, Seoul
2011 Illusion of sculpture: 'Myth', Art Space Hyun, Seoul
2007 Generative Material, Gallery J1, Seoul

Group Exhibitions  
2019 Exhibition of 10 years Anniversary of the foundation- 'Life', Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju
        Just Enjoy It, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul
        Sculpture Project - 'Band Together - 2', Hanbyukwon Gallery, Seoul
        Spring / Seeing - open with emotions 2, Museum of Kangwon National University, Chuncheon
2018 Innocence of Childhood – Eom Ikkhoon & Victor Cho, Lina Gallery, Seoul
        Art Hsin Chu, Qing Art gallery, Taiwan
        Exhibition of 50 years Anniversary of the foundation - 'Hommage to POSCO', Posco Art Museum, Seoul
        Sculpture, All the things that happens in the world, Geumboseong Art Center, Seoul
        Sculpture Project - 'Band Together - 1', Hanbyukwon Gallery, Seoul
        Special Exhibition of the the 21st International Sculpture Symposium Icheon - 'Passion, Creation, Friendship', Icheon              Art Hall Art Gallery, Icheon      
2017 Art Lab, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
        Steel material & Immaterial, Posco Art Museum, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang
        Summer Group Show, Art Mora, NJ, USA
        KSBDA International Invitational Exhibition, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju
        100 Sculptor's Exhibition & Beyond, COEX, Seoul
        The 3rd International Arts Festival, 63 Art Space, Changwon
        CONNECT, Hanbyukwon Gallery, Seoul
        Special Exhibition of the 20th International Sculpture Symposium Icheon - 'Look Forward to the Future', Icheon Art                Hall Art Gallery, Icheon
2016 Light Mapping, Korean Cultural Center, New York
        The Illusion of Mind, Kimi Art, Seoul
        Again, telling the light, BNK Art Gallery, Busan
        Special Exhibition of the 19th International Sculpture Symposium Icheon - 'LIVE! LIVE! ', Icheon Art Hall Art Gallery,              Icheon
2015 SUMMER, Cities and Images, Ara Art Center, Seoul
        Suspicious gate 3, North Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2014 Media Renaissance - 'Imagination and Future', Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
         International Sculpture Festa, Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
         Korea-Japan International Exchange Exhibition, Seto, Aichi
2013  Vermont Studio Center - Open Studio, Schultz Studio, Vermont
         The 28th Korean Sculptor’s Association Exhibition, Ara Art Center, Seoul
         The First, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam
         The 27th Korea Contemporary Sculpture Invitational Exhibition, MBC, Chuncheon
         Korea-Japan International Exchange Exhibition, Icheon Art Hall Art Gallery, Icheon
         Wings of the Isang, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu
2012  Icheon International Sculpture Symposium, Seolbong International Sculpture Park, Icheon
         Contemporary Young Artist’s Eyes, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul
         The 28th Korean Sculptor’s Association Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Kyunghee Palace Branch, Seoul
         The 26th Korean Contemporary Sculpture, Invitational Exhibition, MBC, Chuncheon


Awards & Residency Programs 
2016 <SPACE No.2>, included in High School Textbook, Chunjae Education Inc.
2014 <Cupid>, included in High School Textbook, Kyohak Inc.
2013 Support fund & Residency Program, , Vermont Studio Center, USA
2012 Award for Best Sculpture, Invitational Exhibition of the 26th Korean Contemporary Sculpture, Chuncheon MBC
2011 Excellence Prize, Kyungin Art Contest, Bucheon Cultural Foundation
2007 Selected Artist & Support fund, Gallery J1
2002 Selected Artist & Permanent Installation, the 3rd Young Artist Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Gyeonggi Cultural


2001 Bronze Prize, National University Art Exhibition, Ministry of Education


Public Collections 
Suwon World Cup Stadium
Icheon Hot Springs International Sculpture Park
Dutayeon Valley
High Flex Inc.
Inclover foundation
Chuncheon Art Museum
Isam Hospital
Kimi Art
Pohang Cultural Foundation
Unique Technology Integral
Yangpyeong Art Museum 
Pohang Museum of Steel Art

Lee Hyunjin     


2006 Completed. Division of Theater, Film & TV Animation, the UCLA Graduate School 
2002 B.F.A. Department of Painting, Hongik University

Solo Exhibitions 
2013 MEAT EATER, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2011 Almost Paradise, Vit Gallery, Seoul
2009 Fragile, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
2008 Rare Item, Gallery Cha, Seoul

Group Exhibitions 
2018 Unknown Asia, Osaka, Japan
        20th Century Boys and Girls, Kyobo Art Space, Seoul
        Geeky land show, K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
        LOVE & PEACE, COEX crown media façade, Seoul
2017 I'm tired of staying still like an oyster, Urban Alice, Seoul
        Otaku Project; Immersed, North Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
        Rooms for Art, Superior Gallery, Seoul
2016 Your First Picture Gift, Hoidong-gil Art Market, Asian Publishing Culture Information Center
        Be my love, Lotte Avenuel, Seoul
2014 NEW ICON: POP IN ASIA / Exhibition of 25 years Anniversary of diplomatic relations between

        Korea and ASEAN, Gallery Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia
        Art Road 77, Heiri
        When attitudes become forms, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2013 Chong Kun Dang "Penzal Lady" Collaboration, KIAF, Seoul
        People's New Discovery, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
2012 Awakening your mind, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul
2010 " Bitter But Once Again" retrospective, picture house, Seoul
         Showcase Reboot, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, Seoul
         Specters in the East, Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul
         Exhibition of 33 years Anniversary of opening, Sun Gallery, Seoul 
2009 ART ROAD 77, Heiri
        Gallery is alive, Soohoh Gallery, Suwon
        Sweet Daze / SF La Belle Epoque, Darling Gallery / Studio, Seoul
2008 Asian University Student / Young Artists Art Festival, Seoul Museum of History, Seoul
        Art Life Project, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu
        Love & Fantasy, Lotte Avenuel, Seoul 
2007 Art & Furniture, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul
        Pocheon Asian Biennale, Pocheon
        A Zoo in Art Museum, Seongnam Arts Center, Seongnam
        Young Artist with SJ, U Art Space, Seoul
        Showcase 0.3, Picture House, Seoul
        Red Shoes of Dorothy, Insa Art Center, Seoul
        No Bound, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2006 ICON, Gallery SOKA, Beijing
        Fun & Fun, Samsung Homeplus Gallery, Seoul
        7 people’s Pop Party, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul







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