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ROH Sean

s_Sean Roh, Meltdown, Archival pigment print, 2013_4.jpg

ROH Sean  노세환

Sean’s experimental prints address the familiarity of everyday objects to expose the technological and social systems that shape perception. Made with basic tools, liquid paint and a single lens reflective camera, Sean presents works whose glossy surfaces mimic the look and feel of advanced imagining software. While viewers might query if the pixel perfect images were altered in Photoshop, Sean intentionally photographed objects covered in a skin of dripping paint to highlight the difference between what is natural, artificially produced, present and staged.


Sean’s monochromatic works critique the ways technology and mass production disable judgment. He creates optical illusions that suggest the substitution of reality with the virtual and urge the viewer to detach from the visible surface. Through his artwork Sean reinforces the need to question what we see as a way to counter the manipulations by technology and commerce.


According to the artist, delusion is triggered by our own prejudice, as changing technological forces have conditioned an automatic response, we perceive what is real as a trick and what is actually present, as an illusion. A simulation now substitutes the original and reality is blurred from of our very eyes.