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BALLANTYNE l Anna CAREY l Corinne CHAIX l Francoise GERARD l LEE Kyoungha PARK Seunghoon 

Michael JANTZEN l Jeremy KIDD l Patrick LAUMOND l Michelle Jane LEE l Emily SMITH




Corinne CHAIX

Francoise GERARD

LEE Kyoungha

PARK Seunghoon 


Jeremy KIDD


Michelle Jane LEE



APRIL 23, 2015⏤


PYO Gallery LA is pleased to present re/Constructed, a group exhibition, curated by  CORINNE CHAIX, exploring the personal, social and formal influences of architecture on the methodologies of 11 artists. The exhibit consists of work by artists CHRIS BALLANTYNE, ANNA  CAREY, CORINNE CHAIX, FRANCOISE GERARD, LEE KYOUNG HA, PARK SEUNG HOON, MICHAEL  JANTZEN, JEREMY KIDD, PATRICK LAUMOND, MICHELLE JANE LEE and EMILY SMITH. Their works  investigate a varied range of perspectives but collectively employ elements of space to reconstruct a strange and surreal world. Through fragmented photographs, metaphorical  drawings, models and paintings, these artists provide a visual blueprint into their impulses by  recording what is internal, external and blurred within architectural spaces.

CHRIS BALLANTYNE will exhibit works that showcase the divisive nature of our built environment  using architectural components like empty pools, sidewalks and parking lots. His graphically  rendered works articulate rural and urban spaces highlighting a need for personal space and  connectivity. 

ANNA CAREY will exhibit works that employ photography, model making, film and drawing to  create fictional spaces that are built on the architecture of memory and imagination.

CORINNE CHAIX will exhibit paintings that depict the isolation and the delusion of the virtual  reality. Her characters, enclosed in their glass box, disconnected, are only surrounded by a  projected world.

FRANCOISE GERARD will exhibit paintings from The Bridge series that contemplate loss and  transcendence while celebrating the precariousness of life itself.

LEE KYOUNG HA will exhibit paintings that pivot menial workers within the landscape to  illustrate the dehumanizing treatment of these unsung heroes.

PARK SEUNG HOON will exhibit woven photographs from his Travel Log series that reconstruct  movement through the landscape like a traveler’s diary.

MICHAEL JANTZEN will exhibit photo collages from his series Deconstructing The Churches that  visually fragment pieces of churches to offer what he terms the “new hybrid image,” an  alternate universe pregnant with possibilities. He will also exhibit three-dimensional sculptures of miniaturized houses that explore spatial and social notions via irony and humor.

JEREMY KIDD will exhibit photographic works that restructure architectural landmarks to  highlight a subjective passage through time and memory.

PATRICK LAUMOND will exhibit photographs and sculptural reconstructions that serve as  blueprints for a new world, grounded in scientific and metaphysical phenomenon.

MICHELLE JANE LEE will exhibit drawings from exhibit her series, In Case of Fire, that depict the  visual effects of water on structures to expound on the shifting conditions of life.

EMILY SMITH will exhibit paintings that focus on the compartmentalization of landscape and  urban planning.