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PARK Seunghoon

Travel Log⏤Eastern Europe

PARK Seunghoon

Travel Log⏤Eastern Europe




PYO Gallery LA is pleased to announce Travel Log - Stories From Eastern Europe.


The solo exhibition will feature new photographs by Seung Hoon Park that combine the landmarks of Eastern Europe with fragments of 16 mm film to create a woven narrative. The exhibition dates are September 14 thru October 12, 2013. A reception will be held on Saturday, September 14, from 6 to 8 pm.


The works in the Travel Log originate from a passionate interest in Tourism and Photography, two subjects Seung-Hoon Park studied in college and embarked him on a backpacking expedition to fifty countries. During his travels, Park began the Travel Log series with breathtaking images of Italy, focusing on Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice.

In his new work, Park visited the landmarks of Eastern Europe in a survey that took approximately eight months to complete. He purposely selected popular recognizable tourist destinations and transformed them from printed souvenirs into a living, rhythmic composition with the power to activate for viewers the thrill of exploration. Unlike many photographers whom strive to erase their presence from the work, Park leaves behind his fingerprints and misaligned pieces to suggest to the viewer, that the story is unfolding and evolving.


The photographs in Travel Log employ “Textus,” in the title as a reference to the Latin term for fabric to reinforce the visual and physical aspects of the filmstrips, woven both vertically and horizontally. The overlaid filmstrips capture within a single frame the elusive fragments of here and now and thus create a gestalt effect, whereby everything comes together.

Park states “I use positive 16mm film that I cut and load in a large format camera. When processed the result is a mosaic of films, like a detailed patchwork composed of an inextricable labyrinth where the eye can get lost.”


MParkseunghoon_TEXTUS 133_Digital C Print_120cmx150cm_2013.jpg

PARK Seunghoon  박승훈

박승훈(b. 1978)은 한양대학교에서 관광학을 졸업하고 중앙대 대학원에서 순수사진을 전공하였다. 학부에서 관광학을 전공하며 20대를 배낭여행족으로 보낸 작가는 10여년째 여행가와 사진가의 교집합의 영역에서 작업해오고 있다. 표갤러리(2011), (2013), (2015)를 비롯하여 일본 도쿄(2009), 프랑스 파리(2013), 싱가폴(2014) 등에서 개인전을 가졌으며, 파리 루브르박물관, 대만 국립현대미술관, 서울시립미술관, 경남도립미술관 등 국내외 주요 미술 기관의 단체전에서 작품을 선보인 바 있다. 박승훈의 작품은 국내외 공공 및 개인 컬렉션 뿐만 아니라 귀뚜라미 문화재단, 사노피 아벤티스, 모건 스탠리(US), 요진 Y시티 등을 비롯한 주요 기관에 소장되어 있다.

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