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LEE Yong Deok

standing 071981 110x190x15-2008 시카고.JPG

LEE Yong Deok  이용덕

Lee Yong Deok uses the method of empty recessed negative sculpture, which comprises inverted Yin and Yang (negative and positive) and he admirably completes it perfectly and charmingly. Lee’s sculptures are mainly expressed in the form of intaglio. Through delicate changes between light and shadow, his works express a mysterious conversion between reality and illusion. As the viewers move around the sculpture, changes in the figure occur, creating sudden appearances and hidden mysterious effects.

Starting with his solo exhibition at the Art Center of the Arts Promotion Agency in 1988, Lee has held solo exhibitions at major domestic and foreign art museums, such as the Schulmuseum in Berlin, China, and the Macau Museum of Art, and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions around the world. In 1987, he was awarded the Grand Prize of the Korea Art Exhibition, the Kim Se-joong Sculpture Award in 2011, and the Moonshin Art Award Bonsang in 2016.