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In his latest body of work, the Korean-French photographer Oan Kim has brought his piercing photographic style to a decadent, overexposed scene: the music night club. But unlike other photographers who revel in the typical nightclub debauchery, Kim has elevated the club scene in his photographs. In Fanfare 27, Kim, with the multiple exposures, has inundated us in the frenetic, exciting energy of the nightclub, spurred on by the musicians just out of the frame. He has taken part in the scene, but he maintains a certain distance. This is part of Kim’s mystique; he presents us with the scene, but also manages to preserve a voyeuristic overtone.

He shows the drinking, the smoking, the dancing, but his subjects retain certain enigmatic qualities. They’re mysterious creatures that Kim studies with his piercing eye. He catches them in private moments, in public moments and everything in between, all the while maintaining a certain distance.

Working strictly in black and white, as he has with most of his past work, Kim manages to break into the profundity underlying a crowded, sweaty nightclub scene. In Fanfare 21, the female face breaks out against the blackness of the surrounding crowd. She’s somewhat blurry due to Kim’s use of the long exposure. Kim presents us with this beautiful, mysterious subject amidst the undoubtedly sweaty, noisy crowd.

Oan was born in France and graduated from the college of Beaux-Arts de Paris. His photographs have been shown all over the world such as Paris, Seoul, Macau, and Brazil and are included among collections in the Fond National d’Art Contemporain in France as well as the Macau Museum of Art. His photographic style has been described as concise, penetrating the unconscious cores of people and cities. This will be his first solo show in Los Angeles.



KIM Oan 김오안

김오안(1974 ~)은 프랑스 출생의 사진작가로 일상 속 사소한 것, 하찮은 것, 버려진 것과 같이 의미 없다 여겨지는 것들을 놓치지 않고 기록한다. 그는 수년의 사진 작업 동안 특정한 요소에만 몰두하지 않고 계속해서 새로운 것에 도전했다. 그는 다큐멘터리도 아닌 그렇다고 개념적이거나 이미지적이지도 않은 경계 사이에서 방법을 차용하며, 언급된 모든 요소들이 균형 잡힌 스타일을 고수해왔다. 그는 1997년 파리 국립미술대학교에서 사진을 전공하고 2001년 파리 국립고등 음악원에서 작곡을 공부했다. 표갤러리, 성곡미술관, 이화익갤러리, 금호 미술관, 뉴욕 The Annex Gallery, 마카오 Macau Museum of Art에서 개인전 및 KIAF, 서울 시립미술관, 하와이 현대 미술관, 파리 13구청, Galerie Crous, Grand Masse des Beaux-Art에서 단체전에 참여했다. 그는 사진작가이자 감독이지만 필름노아르라는 그룹에서 가수이자 작곡가로서 다양한 예술 분야를 넘나들며 활동한다. 

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