KIM Tschang Yeul

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KIM Tschang Yeul   김창열

Tschang-Yeul Kim is highly praised in both Korea and worldwide, for his peculiar symbolic language and unique art style. He was influenced by abstract expressionism in 1950s, and started to immerse himself in informel style while participating in the second Paris Biennale in Paris. After he studied at Art Student League in New York City, he moved to France and introduced Korean art to the world, by participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions and art fair in Europe, U.S., Japan, and etc. Ever since his work was introduced in the notable exhibition, Salon de mai, in 1972, Tschang-Yeul Kim’s works were exhibited in many famous art fair, include, Basel Art Fair, FIAC, Paris. He contributed in introducing Korean art to the art world, while having an exhibition at Galerie Nationale du jeu de paum in 2004 and also at National Museum in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, for the first time among Korean artists.


Tschang-Yeul Kim said “The softest thing in the world rules over the toughest thing. The most insignificant thing can thrust itself in the things without flaw. I see efficiency of intact from that,” Tschang-Yeul Kim speaks for his art realm through figures and words on the surface of his works. His abstract and mechanical paintings, which are arrangements of repeated figures, describe the subject in simple form of truth and false, and Ying and Yang while evoking elegant space. Tschang-Yeul Kim’s works, which are full of hyper realistic strokes and enriched emotion, also evoke emotion of unique Asian thinking.

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