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HUH Daljae


HUH Daljae





PYO GALLERY LA is pleased to announce the exhibition of Huh, Dal Jae’s, Moving in Calmness, on display from September 4 to October 2.


Huh, Dal Jae’s Moving in the Calmness series focuses on bamboo, plums, and grapes; a traditional theme in Korean painting representing the Confucian symbols of winter. Huh takes a contemporary approach to this traditional subject by modernizing his technique with fleeting, irregular brush strokes as opposed to the minimal, sweeping strokes of his predecessors. John Goodman, editorial advisor of Art Asia Pacific, says of Huh, Dal Jae’s patterned compositional plane, that the simulated ebb and flow of movement “takes the viewer across the expanse of the canvas, much in the same way a flock of birds will draw a person’s glance across the blank of the sky.” Huh is able to define the negative space of his composition by the pairings of opposites; by embracing the negative space with his intricate patterns.


Plum blossoms represent courage and the plum tree symbolizes the five gods of good luck. Bamboo is a symbol of old age and modesty. Bamboo and plums together represent man and wife. Their ability to withstand a severe winter gives people hope when times are hard. Grapes symbolize resilience, referring to their rapid re-growth in the spring. Renditions of these sacred plants are often hung in the home more for the cultivation of mind than for domestic décor.


Huh, Dal Jae is a Korean born artist who by the age of 6 was already skilled in calligraphy by way of the teachings of his grandfather. His calligraphy training led to an expertise in ink painting; boasting a firm grip of the brush, a steady hand, and repetitive rhythm. Huh’s work is likened to “literati” art, a style derived from the New Southern School of Chinese painting where, much like the Impressionists, the artists intend to disassociate themselves from academic tradition. Literati art is often simplified and expressive and is achieved with calligraphic influence. The literati artist customarily expresses himself, not through the content of the work, but through each unique brushstroke and one can get a true sense of the emotions of the soul just by the idiosyncrasies of Huh’s individual strokes.




HUH Daljae  허달재

직헌 허달재(b. 1952 ~)는 한국 남종화의 거장인 의재 허백련(1891~1977)의 장손이자 제자로, 6살부터 할아버지에게 붓 잡는 법을 배웠다. 허달재의 초기작은 할아버지의 영향이 강하게 드러나지만, 1990년대 중반부터 자신만의 새로운 화풍을 찾기 위해 다양한 시도를 이어나갔다. 그는 조부의 맥을 잇는 문인화에 독창적인 현대 감각을 더해 '신남종화'를 개척했다. 추상적이지만 단아한 설채에 섬세한 붓질로 그려진 화조는 한국화의 장르 의식을 잃지 않으면서도 현대적인 해석을 더해 한국화의 새로운 시대를 열었다. 

허달재는 조부인 의재 허백련 문하에서 가법인 호남 남화를 공부하고 홍익대학교에서 동양화를 전공했다. 그는 뉴욕 RHOC갤러리, 갤러리뉴욕, 뉴욕 Broom Street Gallery, LA 표갤러리, 파리 Espace Pierre Cardin, 파리 MAC2000, 도쿄 NICAF국제현대미술제, 심천 深玔畵院미술관-‘靜中動’, 심천 시립관산월미술관, 북경 중국미술관-‘古中新’, 북경 T아트센터, 북경 北京畵院미술관, 북경 중국미술가협회초대전, 상해미술관 등 해외에서 다수의 개인전 뿐만 아니라 나인갤러리, 서호미술관, 박여숙화랑 등 국내에서도 꾸준히 활동해왔다. 뉴욕주립대학과 뉴욕 스토니브룩대학의 객원교수를 지냈으며 현재는 (재)의재문화재단과 (사)삼애학회 이사장, 삼애다원 대표이사, ICOM국제미술관박물관협회 이사, (사)한국박물관협회 이사, 광주사립미술관협의회 회장, 아시아문화중심조성위원회 위원을 역임하고 있다.  

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