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HA Jungwoo


HA Jungwoo



FEBRUARY 28⏤APRIL 18, 2015


PYO Gallery LA is pleased to announce PAUSE, an exhibition of recent paintings by the celebrated actor, producer, and visual artist, HA JUNG-WOO. 

The films of Ha Jung-Woo are internationally acclaimed for the complex characters he portrays in the  movies, but few know he is equally skilled as an artist. This exhibition will debut a series of paintings  composed in Hawaii while he was working on an upcoming film. Ha’s art works explore the emotional groundwork of the various personas he inhabits, serving as a method of study and of  departure from the scripted situations that appear on screen. He paints from the inside out, blending Pop imagery with a passion for simplicity, pattern, and color. His subjects consist of portraits,  crosses, and iconic motifs rendered in a style that evokes Primitivism and folk art.

Ha’s paintings are direct, flamboyant and inspired by the confrontational street art of the 1980s. Similar to graffiti artists of the period, painting is a means of survival for Ha. As he says, painting allows him to unravel and express his inner core. “A picture should be fun just like a movie, he  says.“I hope people will find the fun and humor in my paintings.”

Ha’s artworks have been featured in exhibitions at notable galleries and art fairs in Seoul, Hong  Kong and New York. His critically acclaimed films include The Unforgiven(2005), Never Forever(2007), The Chaser(2008), Take Off(2009), Boat(2009),The Yellow Sea(2010), and The Berlin File(2012). PYO Gallery LA is delighted to present Ha Jung-Woo’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

The artist will be present for the opening reception on Saturday, February 28, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The exhibition will be on view from February 28 through April 18, 2015.