Field Notes

Andrew FOSTER + SONG Jinho + TSAI Shih hung

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SONG Jinho

TSAI Shih-hung

Group Exhibition

September 18⏤October 26, 2014


PYO Gallery LA is pleased to present Field Notes, an exhibition of paintings by three artists, Andrew Foster, Tsai Shih-Hung and the late Jin Ho Song.

The exhibit consists of paintings that survey material, social and spiritual concerns using human forms to create a strong emotional bond with the viewer. At first glance the observations of these three artists appear stylistically unrelated, yet within their differing processes, they capture statements about irony and transcendence.

Andrew Foster's paintings blend whimsy and sensuality within a field of jewel like colors to deliver a subtle social critique. His uninhibited use of color provides for an intense and intimate portrayal of the situational irony that only an ethnographer could articulate.

Jin Ho Song's compositions fuse fields of abstraction with forms that appear to wander through clouds of color. His shadowy characters appear disengaged from the material and instead sing about the spiritual realm, a reminder to live fully.

Tsai Shih-Hung paints about surveillance, the ever-present military industrial state and the dehumanizing effects of technology. In his work Tsai contrasts images of war with shooting stars, to express a hopeful desire that digital technologies can someday be used to improve humanity.

The exhibition will be on view from September 18 through October 25, 2014.

Selected Works

Installation Views