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Coast to Coast

PARK Seunghoon + Susan LOGORECI

Coast to Coast

PARK Seunghoon



MARCH 10⏤APRIL 09, 2016


PYO Gallery LA​ is pleased to present Coast to Coast​, a two man show featuring artists Park Seung Hoon and Susan Logoreci. South Korean photographer Park and Los Angeles based Logoreci are two artists who work with similarly meticulous and painstaking methodologies to memorialize our country’s two largest cities: New York City and Los Angeles.

Park uses very traditional tools- a large format camera and 16mm film he cuts up- to take thousands and thousands of photographs in order to find the perfect combination to weave back together; dissecting and recreating each scene. Traces of his hand are left behind in the fingerprint smudges and slight misalignments, giving the piece a sensation of living, breathing life.

Logoreci works purely with colored pencil and paper; there are no rulers, projectors, or other aides. Her simple tools are in stark contrast to the staggering complexity and precision of her images. Her images are playful, bold, and graphic. The geometric patterns mimic a rhythm; sound bubbling up from the city. Park and Logoreci each play with form, distortion, minutia, scale, and a relationship between digital and analog.

These cities they depict are places most of us already have deep, profound memories of and connections to. Their expansive landscapes imagine and invoke the countless lives, fantasies, failures, hopes, memories, tragedies contained in these spaces. This body of work which spans the breadth of a country represents two artists have invested in incredibly time-consuming processes to tell sincere memories of places they love.

The exhibition will run from March 10th to April 9th, 2016. An opening reception will be held at PYO Gallery LA on Thursday, March 10th from 6pm to 9pm.




PARK Seunghoon  


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