CHA JONG RYE Solo Exhibition

Creation & Extension

2019. 6. 10 - 29


1992 B,F,A in Sculpture Ewha Women’s University
1996 M,F,A in Sculpture Graduate School of Ewha Women’s University

Solo Exhibition
2019  The 16th Solo Exhibition  (Pyo Gallery, Seoul)
2018  The 15th Solo Exhibition (Sejong Gallery, Seoul)
2017  The 14th Individual Exhibition (Baujium Museum of Art, Gosheng)
2015   The 13th Solo Exhibition (R.Mutt Gallery, Seoul)  
            The 12th Solo Exhibition (Red Sea Gallery, Singapore)
2014   The 11th Solo Exhibition (Bundo Gallery, Daegu) 
            The 10th Solo Exhibition (U art space Gallery, Seoul)
2013   The 9th Solo Exhibition (R.Mutt Gallery, Seoul)
2012   The 8th Solo Exhibition (Nampo Art Museum, Goheung) 
             The 7th Solo Exhibition (Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, U.S.A.)
2011   The 6th Solo Exhibition (Ever Harvest Gallery, Taiwan) 
             The 5th Solo Exhibition (Sunggok Art Museum, Seoul)
2008   The 4th Solo Exhibition (Vermont Studio Center/Redmill Gallery, U.S.A.)
2007   The 3rd Solo Exhibition (Gallery Goanhun, Seoul)
2004   The 2nd Solo Exhibition (Gallery Artside, Seoul)
1999  The 1st Solo Exhibition (Gallery Dukwon, Seoul)

Selected Group Exhibition
2018  all Turn native(The Center for in wood, Philadelpia)
            KIAF(Coex, Seoul)
            Art Miami(Long-sharp Gallery, Florida)
2017  Wood work today(Kim Jong-young Museum of Art-Seoul) 
            KIAF(Coex, Seoul)
            Neowa sculpture Exhibition(Bauzium Museum of Art, Goseong)
            Art Miami(Long-sharp Gallery-Florida)
            Wood, Revisited(The Center for in wood, Philadelpia)
            A SUSTAINING LIFE(Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, New York)
2015  Art bazaar (Jakarta)
            Art Taipei(Taiwan) 
            KIAF(Coex, Seoul) 
            mmortal Present: Art and East Asia(Berkshire Museum, USA) 
            IN and OUT(Seoho Art Museum, Namyangju) 
            Hand(Naro Space Center Space Science Museum)
            Expose exposed: Meditation in wood(d’Orsay gallery, Boston, USA)
2014   Ewha Sculpture Association Exhibition(Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeongheegung) 
            Space Empathy(Cheonan Art Center Museum of Art) 
             Neowa Sculpture Exhibition(Nampo Art Museum)
2013   Magam News Installation Exhibition(Soonchun) 
2012   A Magic Moment(Basel Art Center, Basel) 
            Water(HADA Gallery, U.K.)
2011  Unlimited, Unlimited(Kawi Fung Hin Gallery, Hong Kong)
            Power of  Women(Jeju Museum of Art) 
            The Senses-Interactive Perception(HADA Gallery, U.K.) 
            Toronto Art Fair(Canada, Toronto) 
             Taiwan Art Fair(Taiwan) 
             KIAF (Coex, Seoul) 
             Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2011(Cheongju)
2010   Neowa Sculpture Exhibition(Moon Gallery, Hong Kong) 
            FACT(R.Mutt Gallery, U.K.) 
            Arts and Crafts Collaboration(Icheon World Ceramic Center)
2009   Korean Aesthetics(Albemarle Gallery, U.K.) 
             7 Things I want to know about Art(Icheon Art Hall)
2007   Korea-India Art Exchange(New Delhi, India)
2006   Endingnews Installation Exhibition(Urim timber-mill, Seoul)
2005   Songeun Great Function(Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
2004   Ending News Installation Exhibition(Seolak Resort) 
2003   Ending News Installation Exhibition(Muui Island, Incheon) 
            Formative Arts of Wood (Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon)
             Yangpyeong Artist’ Association Exhibition(Yangpyeong Art Center)
2002  Ending News Installation Exhibition(Neorigul, Ansung)

Public Collection
Plaza Hotel (Seoul), Sunggok Art Museum (Seoul)
Nampo Art Museum (Goheung)
Courtyard Marriott (Pangyo), JW Marriott Hotel (Zhangzhou, China)
The Federal Government of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, U.S.A.) 
The Center for Art in Wood Museum (Philadelphia, U.S.A.)
Kimpton Aerson Hotel (Nashville, USA)


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