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KIM Jeongseon


KIM Jeongseon



OCTOBER 10⏤22, 2014


An artist, Jung Seon Kim is best known for hyper-realist. However, she does not describe literally reality on canvas but creates surrealistic landscape by using mono-toned color scheme. Therefore, her painting is not just a question about reproducing of the subject matter but materializing the nature. Likewise, she employs independent technique that is possible of expressing realization of emotion through the nature. For the artist, obtaining original technique of creation is like the life itself and it might sound anachronistically because of such interpretation that is come close to the romanticism. However, reality is a reality. Jung Seon Kim tries to convey flavor of nature that lonely feeling are hanging through delicate description of riverside surrounded by thistle flower and isolated island in a vast ocean. She tries to maximize the unrealistic feeling through using mono tone of spring grass besides thistle flower colored with pinkish. Her shadow series are transmit of nature landscape on screen that have symmetric structure around water. The main subject matter is the shadow of the moon that reflected on the water. The moon on canvas are two but the reflection are described constantly dark. Thereby Jung Seon Kim tried to fill up dreamy feeling. This way, through such surrealistic style, Jung Sun Kim started to show up remarkable sense of existence as an artist.

The traveler series, which is the main work of this solo exhibition, is telling about Santorini Island in Greece that is well known as a romantic and fantastic island. The artist move colors that is close to the real part of landscape by expressing alley, ocean, sky, people that is consist of blue monotone. So to speak, the reality and unreality is coexisting on her canvas. However, it is not unrealistic scene only because it is painted with blue monotone. When people see strong light, they have visual experience that unables to recognize the right color in a moment. The experience enables her to create art works just like main character who kills people because of intense light in Albert Camus’s novel, ‘L’ETRANGER.’

Jung Seon Kim employs such an unique technique in order to convey emotion through her point of view as an artist. Viewers will face the unfamiliar sights of this series that come up shockingly. Jung Seon Kim’s landscape of blue monotone is a landscape that is reinterpreted through the artist’s personal view. For the artist, color of blue is a media that unravels artistic vision on her screen and viewers understand Jung Seon Kim’s artistic sight better because of the color. Jung Seon Kim’s blue monotone painting expands horizon of visual experience, and it enables viewers to have abundant emotion through her art.

A new horizon of visual experience and extension of sensation

Yoon, Jin Sup l art critic/vice president of AICA



s_여행자-풍차 l Acrylic on canvas l 120x130cm l 2014.jpg

KIM Jeongseon  김정선

​김정선은 조선대학교 일반대학원 순수미술 회화과를 졸업하고 2008년 대한민국 미술대전에서 구상 부문 특선을 수상한 이래 지금까지 활발히 작품 활동을 해오고 있는 작가이다. 표갤러리를 비롯한 국내 다수의 갤러리에서 18차례 개인전을 열었고, 국내외에서 100여차례의 아트페어 및 단체전에 참가하였다. 작가의 작품은 광주시립미술관, 한국사진사연구소, SHC중공업, 국제자산투자신탁, TYM동양물산Co, 세안이엔씨(주), EG건설, 신풍제지 등에 소장되어 있다.

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