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Artist CV



Enrolled in the Ph.D Course in Painting, Hongik University

Graduated from the Graduate School of Education, Kyung Hee University

Graduated from the College of Arts, Donngguk University (Major: Painting)




23rd The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Grand Prize

(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

49th The Grand Art Exhibition of Mokwoo, Grand Prize

(Seoul city Museum)

4th Kyeong Kie newspaper, Art prize

(the Kyeong Kie newspaper)

22nd The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Special Selection

(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

21st The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Special Selection

(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

30th Fuguratime Exhibition, Special Selection

(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

29th Fuguratime Exhibition, Special Selection

(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

22nd Fuguratime Exhibition, Special Selection(Seoul Art Center)



Solo Exhibitions

2017 talk&family, Pyo Gallery, Seoul

2016 talk&family, Space sun+ Gallery, Seou

2016 talk&family, Gallery Sohang, Heyri

2015 talk&family, Gallery Pihang, Heyri

2014 talk&family, Pyo Gallery, Seoul

2014 talk, Kyeongnam university of science and technology museum, Jinjoo

2013 talk&nature, Lee Seoul Gallery, Seoul

2013 talk&Spring, Z Gallery, Jeonjoo

2013 MIAF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2012 talk&talk, Hanjun Art Center Gallery, Seoul

2011 Languages of anonymity and silence, Jang ean sun Gallery, Seoul

2010 Communication, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul

2010 Picture, anonymous images, Gallery Ami, Seoul

2010 Anonymity and presence, Suwon Gallery, Suwon

2010 MANIF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2009 Talk, Art Park, Seoul

2009 Loss, absence, Gallery Chicago, Suwon

2009 MANIF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2007 Image of The Body and Inner View, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2007 The Alienation and Anonymity, Hun gallery, New York

2007 MANIF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2007 Korea Great Contest, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2006 Solo Exhibition, Goyang Spart Complex and Park, Goyang

2006 Electronics humanoid, Hanjun Praza Gallery, Seoul

2006 MANIF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2001 Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul

2000 Lotte Gallery, Seoul

1996 Gallery Dongju, Soul

1995 Danseong Gallery, Seoul



Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 A Look at the Flow of Contemporary Art, Expo Art Gallery, Yeosu

2017 Eijeongbu art festival , Eijeongbu Arts Center, Eijeongbu

2017 Yeosu International Art festival, Yeosu World fair, Yeosu

2016 Mokwuhwei 60th Anniversary Celebration, Hangaram museum, Seoul

2016 Line and color Regular exhibition, Insa art center, Seoul

2016 Invitation to Scarlatium, Scarlatium Art space, Suwon

2015 Invitation to Ulsan Hyundae Gallery, Ulsan hyundae gallery, Ulsan

2016 Mokwuhwei Regular exhibition, Hangaram museum, Seoul

2016 Line and color, Gumboseong Art Center, Seoul

2014 UNESCO world heritage painting exhibition, Arts Center, Seoul

2014 Yeosu international art festival, GS yeulmaru, Yeosu

2014 Flower and Spring, Lee Seoul gallery, Seoul

2013 South Korea-Canada contemporary art painter exhibition, Toronto Korean Canadian Federation hall, Canada

2013 space of 人+生, VM art museum, Wanju

2013 ART GROUP JA.U.RO - The Story of Them, Arioso Gallery, Ulsan

2012 Olympic Fine Arts 2012 London, Barbican Center, London

2012 Invitation to Hongik International professor, Hongik Hyundae Gallery, Seoul

2012 art and intelligence sensing reason, Kangneung art museum, Kangneung

2012 20th anniversary of promotion of Goyang city 20+, meeting art, Aram Gallery, Goynag

2012 Yeosu Expo invitation, Jinnam Literary hall, Yeosu

2011 Gallery Wooduk plan, spectrum of life exhibition, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul

2011 Art&Addiction, Gallery Hwabong, Seoul

2011 竹, Cultural Center Walk through the green forest, Damyang Culture center, Damyang

2011 Hongyeon Art Center Opening Memorial Exhibition, Hongyeon Art Center, Eijeongbu

2010 Symbol of Korean figure, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul

2010 Busanbiennale special exhibition, Busan city hall gallery, Busan

2010 gallery FACE Opening Exhibition of Korean Art, Gallery Pace, Seoul

2009 Hongik University Museum of Modern and Contemporary art Opening exhibition, Hongik University Museum of  Modern and Contemporary art, Seoul

2009 100 Years of Western Painting, Gallery Luminarie, Seoul

2009 The 2nd World Open Art Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2009 Invitation Exhibition commemorating the opening of the Shema Museum, Shema Museum, Cheongju

2009 A Small Fortune, Art park, Seoul

2008 Korean Figurative Art, DIE GALERI, Frankfurt, Germany

2008 World Art festival, Sejong culture center, Seoul

2008 Day of Korean Artists, Fair art space, Seoul

2008 Korea- Middle East Forum Korea Special Exhibition, Kairo Opera house Exhibition, Egypt

2008 Korean Art NOW leave for fall, Han Gallery, Seoul

2008 Germany Von Brown Verens Gallery Korean modern art 12 invitational exhibition, Germany

2008 Yeosu International Art festival Realism of Korea, Odongdo Exhibition, Yeosu

2008 Art Asset Sangam DMC Art Gallery Opening Ceremony, Sangam DMC Art Gallery, Seoul

2008 One Gallery plan ' A warm exhibition,' , Gallery one, Seoul

2008 from people, Art park, Seoul

2008 Kookmin Ilbo Hyundae Art Invitation, Sejong culture center museum, Seoul

2008 Home and familty , Kainro Gallery, Seoul

2007 Real image: made in korea, Insa Art center, Seoul

2007 Star is art, Insa art center, Seoul

2007 Gallery henoch plan summer group show, gallery henoch, Newyork chelsea

2007 A pleasant everyday life, Goyang Oullim Museum, Goyang

2007 Art group jayuro, Posco Gallery , Pohang

2007 MOC Gallery 6 people inviation, gallery MOC, Newyork chelea

2007 Banwall Art hall Exhibition, Pocheon

2007 Kukminilbo Contemporaries 150 Invitational Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Sejong Center, Seoul

2006 International Art Festival, Jinnam Culture & Art Center, Yeosoo

2006 Gu Sang Exhibition, Gallery tablo, Seoul

1005 Sang Hyung Society's Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Sejong Center, Seoul

2006 120 Korean Artist Supporters for The Hangyoreh, Sejong Center, Seoul

2006 Art in Music, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu

2006 Jayuro.Tongilro, Baeksong Gallery, Seoul

2006 Goyang World Flower Exhibition 'Paintings with Flowers', KINTEX, Goyang

2006 'Light of the World and Light of the Space', Sejong Art Center, Seoul

2006 Southern Modern Art Fair-'Road toward Reunion', Banwol Art Hall, Pocheon

2006 'Encounter', Busan Culture and Art Center, Busan;

2006 Deokyang Spart Complex and Park,Goyang

2006 Haimbil Gallery 60 Artists Invitational Exhibition, Haimbil Gallery, Goyang

2005 HI·PHDC, Ho Gallery, Seoul

2005 'The Horizon of Comtemporary Korean Paintings',

2005 Gallery Tabulro Opening Exhibition, Seoul

2005 Sang Hyung Group 'Small Pieces', Gallery Monmarte, Busan

2005 Ever Green Goyang 21 Environmental-Ecological Exhibition, Hosu Gallery, Goyang

2005 Art Group Jayuro Exhbition, Baeksong Gallery, Seoul

2005 Uiwang International Placard Art Exhibition, Lake Baekun Square, Uiwang

2005 Northern Gyeonggi Artists Association Exhibition,

2005 Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu

2005 Sang Hyung Group Exhibition, Sejong Art Center, Seoul

2005 Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu Fuguratime Exhibition, Dawon Gallery, Ansan

2005 Goyang Art Association Exhibition-'Harmony', Hosu Gallery, Goyang

2005 Northern Gyeonggi Artists Association Exhibition 'Fly with a Powerful Flap of the Wings', 2nd Exhibition Hall of the City Hall, Uijeongbu

2005 "Sense and Salad', Matro Gallery, Gwangju, Hosu Gallery, Goyang

2005 Pocheon Modern Art Festival, Banwol Art Hall, Pocheon

2005 Art Group Jayuro 'A Meeting of Artists and Citizens', Hosu Gallery, Goyang

2005 Goyang World Flower Exhibition 'Paintings with Flowers', Hosu Gallery, Goyang

2005 Fuguratime Exhibition 'Small Pieces', Ubong Gallery, Daegu


2001-present: Lonecolor member exhibition

2013-present: Mokwoo member exhibition

2001-present: Art Group Jayuro member exhibition

2002-2007: Figuratime member Exhibition



Possession of Works

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Mapo Central Library, The Korea Housing Corporation, Art Museum in Korean Folk Village, Contemporary Art Museum in Hongik University, Schema Art Museum, Asan Medical Center, Korea Yakult Co. Ltd., Gyonggi Newspaper, and etc.



The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, The Haengju Fine Art Grand Exhibition, Fine Art Exhibition by Koo Sang Jeon, Art Contest for Civil Servants, Administration member and Judge for Kimpo Subway Gold Line Art Decoration, and Administration member and Successive judge for Art Decoration of Inchon Metropolitan City