2017.12.01 - 2018.01.12

Artist CV

송  진  SONG JIN


2014  Long Island University 석사 , 미국

2007  국민대학교 입체미술과 학사


2016   A connection between plane and solid figures l [B] 커뮤니케이션, 대구
2015   Activatied Space l C.E.S Gellery l Los Angeles, CA  
           Muriel Guepin Gallery l Manhattan, NY 
2014   Beyond Color l Gitler & _____ l Manhattan, NY    
           Order & Multiplicity l CES Contemporary l Los Angeles, CA 
2013   Build-up Surface l  HSAL Gallery l Brookville, NY
2012   Line- impromptu l  Sculpture gallery l Brookville, NY    
           Line- impromptu l  Oms Art l Queens, NY    


Affordable art fair NY 2017 l H.O.V Art l New York


Link l Kara’s Gallery  l Korea

L.I Connection l Gallery Jung l Seoul, Korea

Exchange Exhibition L.I.U & Sung-shin University l Gaon Gallery l Seoul, Korea

Multi Lane 2 l Demouzy Contemporary l Rockville Centre l NY

Potluck Art Party l Charaple, Newyork

Affordable Art Fair NY 2016 l H.O.V Art l Hong Kong

Art City Fair 2016 l Circuit 12 contemporary l Austin, TX
HOLO SPACE l히든엠 갤러리, 서울

​Romance l 갤러리 메이, 서울

California Art Auction 2016 l Laguna Art Museum l CA  
Chromatic Momentum l Muriel Guepin Gallery l NY
Dimension 신세계 본점 갤러리, 서울​
Beautiful Gift  유나이티드 갤러리, 서울
Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) l Galerie Bruno Massa Paris l Korea
Affordable Art Fair l H.O.V ART l NY
Art Market + Design l Muriel Guepin Gallery l NY
Six Senses l Jamie Brooks Fine Art l CA
Beautiful Foundation Gala Event l Oms Art l NJ
Celestial Sunset NARS Foundation Benefit and Silence Action Event l NARS Foundation l Brooklyn, NY 
Without  A Safety Net l Event to Raise Funds to Support the Weill Cornell Community Clinic l Manhattan, NY 
Bright Eyes | Grey Sunsets l Circuit 12 Contemporary l Dallas ,TX
Multi - Line H.O.V. l Korean Cultural Center DC l Washington, DC 
Postcard from the Edge l Visual Aids l Manhattan, NY
Prologue Interlogue Epilogue l SIA NY l Manhattan l NY  
Glow l Galerie Youn l Montreal, Canada
Art into Fashion l And n Gallery l Seoul, Korea
Miami Project l CES Contemporary l Miami, FL
Art into Fashion l And n Gallery l Seoul, Korea
Community Art Project l Artichoke l Queens, NY
Affordable Art Fair l H.O.V- Art l Manhattan, NY
Measurable Inconsistencies l Johalla Projects l Chicago, IL
Wish you were here 14 l A.I.R Gallery l Brooklyn, NY
H.O.V Selection l Space 776 l Brooklyn, NY
Making a mark l Oms Art l Queens, NY
The Living Experiments l International Art Plaza l Beijing, China
I Love Nanum Gala l The Beautiful Foundation in Marriott hotel l NJ 
LIU MFA Thesis l Steinberg Museum l Brookville, NY
Cognitive Dissonance l Coohaus Art l Manhattan, NY
Secret Garden Benefit Event l NARS Foundation l  Brooklyn, NY 
Fountain Art Fair 2014 l H.O.V-Art l Manhattan, NY
Modernism l Art Space l Patchogue, NY 
AmBush Art Show l Space 776 l Brooklyn, NY 
L.I Connection III l Art Space l Patchogue, NY 
SCOPE Art Fair Miami 2013 l SEE.ME l Digital exhibition l Miami, FL
Generations IX l A.I.R gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
10x10=100 l South Street Gallery l Greenport, NY
Becoming white l Kwan Um Sa l Queens, NY
Zen Art Show l Catskill Zendo l Summitville, NY
Exhibition Image Mundi a collateral Event of the 55th international Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale l Italy 
Surface l CES Contemporary l CA 
ArtPad SF 2013 l  Pink and Dangerous l San Francisco, CA
Community Art Project l Yegam Art Space l Queens, NY
High On Visual-art l Huchins Gallery l Brookville, NY
ArtHamptons 2013 l Young Contemporary l Bridgehampton, NY
Future Tense l CES Contemporary l Los Angeles, CA 
The Solstice Summer Show l Greenpoint gallery l Brooklyn, NY
Neo Composition l Yegam Art Space l Queens, NY 
Wish you were here 12 l A.I.R Gallery l Brooklyn, NY
Bushiwick OpenStudio Exhibition l Space 776 l Brooklyn NY
The beautiful foundation gala show l Hilton pearl river l Pearl River, NY
LIU 2013 l Jang Eun Sun Gallery l Seoul, Korea 
Structures l Sculture gallery in LIU l New York
72=120 l Station Cafe gallery l New York
Fountain Art Fair 2013 NY l Coohaus gallery l New York
Layer series l Emoa Art Space l Manhattan, New York
Harmony of colors l PizzArte Gallery l Manhattan, New York
postcard from the Edge 2013 l Visual Aids l Manhattan, New York
A Women's Worth l Art Space l New York
Portraiture l Art League l New York
One Year Anniversary Exhibition l Gallery OMS l New York
wish you were here 11 l  A.I.R Gallery l New York
Fired up l Hutchins Gallery l New York
Zen Art Show l Catskill Zen Do l New York
Household Goods l AA Gallery l Korea
Portrait l My Gallery l New York
Masquerades Gala Show l Art space l New York
Market show l Yegam Art space l New York
10x10=100 l South Street Gallery l  New York
White Market l OmsArt l New Jersey

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Eleanor Lockood Memorial Award in Sculpture l SVPA (2014)
O’Malley Scholarship l LIU (2013)
Award Of Appreciation l BankAsiana (2012)