About The Illusion of Meaning

and The Limitation of Text


2014.11.15 - 11.28

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Artist CV

윤보리  YOON, BORI 


B.A. Department of fine Art, Western Painting course,

College of Art and Sports, Gangneung-Wonju National University.

M.A. Department of fine Art, School of Sungshin Women's University.



2014 PYO GALLERY, Beijing798, China

2014 “About The Illusion of Meaning and The Iimitation of Text”- Cyart Space, Seoul

2012 DOORS ART FAIR Gallery Q ,Tokyo , seoul

2010 Gallery Q, Tokyo

2009 ‘Alchemy of collage’-Insa Art Center, Seoul

2004 Invited to "Art Seoul" Seoul Arts Center, Seoul




2014  “Painting-Poetry read- Explored Nature" Woljeon Museum

2013  "Man Wha Bang Chang’‘, GN gallery opening exhibition, Icheon

2013  “Guardian”,Women`s Cultural Center in Seongnam,

2012  "Nanu/Nanwon" gallery GAIA

2012  "Care about more than". gallery WHAN

2011  "Nanu/Nanwon" An sang cheol Museum

2011 “Doorundoorun” Hanbyeukwon gallery

2011  “Hearty laughter (加加 大笑)” Icheon Art Hall

2010  “45 Anniversary of Women's University, founded in the Holy Ghost” Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2010  “Memory and oblivion in between” Moka museum

2010  “Art go picnic” Hynix

2010  “Between creativity and imagination” Icheon Art Hall

2009  "About Lightness" Icheon Art Hall

2009  "Whisper of Things" Tong-in Auction Gallery

2009  "Collection Journey - Explored Nature" Woljeon Museum

2009  "Gyeonggi provincial Museum in Company with People"woljeon Museum

2008  "LugarArt Artist"Archive Artists

2007  "Expansion of Homogeneity in the Same Generation" Room of Yeoju World Living Porcelain Hall

2007  "Diet" Suwon Culture Center, Suwon

2006  "Reading a Picture Novel" Uijeongbu Arts Center

2005  "MINDSCOPE" Crystal Hall Exhibition Room of Sungshin Women's University

2005  "Na Hye-seok Women Artists, Suwon Arts Center, Suwon

2005  "Nanu/Nanwon" Insa Art Center, Seoul

2005  "For a Blue Dream" Icheon Citizens' Hall

2005  "Korea Art Festival"Sejong Center, Seoul

2004  "From Winter to Winter Again" Uijeongbu Gallery Beetle

2004  "Korea Fine Art Association Members' Exhibition " Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2004  "Fund-raising Exhibition for Construction of Sir. Seo Hee Bronze Statue" Icheon Citizens' Hall

2004  "Uijeongbu Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition" Uijeongbu Arts Center

2003  "Gyeonggi Native Artists Invitation Exhibition" Arts Center, Seongnam

2003-1998  "Spirit of Terra and Fire" (Exhibition Hall of Chungkang College of Cultural Industries

2001  "Today's Promising Artists' Exhibition" World Porcelain Biennale

1998  "Gyeonggi Artists Association Members' Exhibition" Gyeonggi Culture & Arts Center

1995  "New Kids in Korea" Dansung Gallery, Seoul

1995  "New Consciousness, New Exploration" Insa Gallery, Seoul

1995  "Young Artists' Expression" Johyung Gallery

1995  "New Artists' Statement" Gyeong-In Gallery

1991  "Gangwon-do Art Exhibition"Chuncheon Municipal Museum of Art



LG Leader’s pump Corporation

Tokyo Q Gallery

Icheon City Hall

Icheon City Council