+ Sound of Silence


2013.03.21 - 04.20

Artist CV

육근병  YOOK, KEUN-BYUNG  1957   


2013  Photo & Video Installation / Pyo gallery / Seoul

2012  Audiovisual installation / ILMIN Museum of Art . Seoul

2011  Drawing / gallery Imazoo . Seoul. Korea

2009  YOOK KEUN BYUNG+Drawing /Gallery LIZ, KOREA

2009  Visual installation Main hall - a four-leaf clover /JINJU national museum

2005  PHOTO & visual installation / KENZI TAKI gallery. Tokyo. Japan

2003  PAINTIING & DRAWING / gallery Q. Tokyo Japan

2003  PRINT/ print house OM. Yokohama. Japan

2000  Audiovisual &drawing / COTTHEM gallery. knokke . Belgium

1999  VIDEO Sculpture-Eye Fruits / The Dong-A Media Center, KOREA

1998  DREAM FOR SURVIVAL Audio Visual installation and Drawing / KUKJE Gallery. Seoul

1996  Video installation & Drawing / ART FRONT Gallery. Tokyo. Japan

1996  Video Installation + Drawing - FIAC ART Fair by KUKJE Gallery. Paris. France


1994  P-1 street cinema EYE   <open air >

1994  P-2 Table for Friendship   <4F>

1994  P-3 Visual Installation for histories stories   <6F>

1994  P-4 Performance Drawing   <1F>

1993  Video Installation / VILLALUPI Gallery. Hamburg. Germany

1993  Video installation / CHOSUN Daily News Paper Museum.  Seoul


          P-1 Gallery Q & +1 < Video installation >. Tokyo

          P-2 Visual concept show

          Tokyo ( Ropponki.  seishido –vision )                                                                                                                         Osaka ( Kyobashi.  K - vision / Tombori station –vision)

          Sapporo ( Chitose Airport. Maruchi – vision)

          # M TV: technical & editing sponsor

1992  Video installation & Drawing / CHOSUN Gallery .Seoul

1992  IMAGE Drawing & PRINT Art fair by CHOSUN Gallery / Seoul arts center .KOREA

1992  IMAGE Drawing / SONG A DANG Gallery. Taegu

1992  IMAGE Drawing / YEO Gallery.  Pusan



Selected Domestic EXHIBITIONS

2013  Contemporary in the art school book, / Aram art museum / Goyang

2012  Thoughts on Body / SOMA Seoul Olymphic Museum of Art . Seoul

2012  SeMA Gold 2012 Hidden Track / Seoul Museum of Art . Seoul

2012  Jin (to Advance),Tong (to Communicate). Contemporary Korean Art Since the 1990’s / GMA  Gwangju Museum of Art . Gwangju. Korea

2011  Oversea Exhibitions of Contemporary Art of Korea Between 1950-2010 / KIM DAL GIN Research and consulting

2011  KIAF /11  ART FLASH “ Media & Installation Art / COEX ,Seoul

2010  TAEGEUK ,Searching for the Global Circle – A balance in Circulation and Reversal / Korea Univ Museum .Seoul

2010  Korean Avants-Garde Drawing 30th 1970-2000 / SOMA Museum . Seoul

2010  TAEHWA RIVER ECO ART FESTIVAL 2010 / Taehwa river .Ulsan

2010  30th Anniversary of the young Korean Artists / National Museum Contemporary Art, KOREA

2010  Korea International Art Fair / Korea World Trade Center. Seoul

2009  Habitat 'Art-to-Heart' Night /GANA Gallery Soeul Auction, KOREA

2008  NAM JUNE PAIK 365×2 after he left /HANKUK Art Museum, KOREA

2008  Pre_Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival 2008 /Dr. PARK Gallery, KOREA

2008  Yangpyeong Project 2008-Inevitable Cloud / Dr. PARK Gallery, KOREA

2007  TRAVELING ART MUSEUM / National Museum Contemporary Art, KOREA

2005  South man North women /GANA Gallery, ACFE.-Forum Space .Seoul. Korea

2005  The 1st POCHEON Asian Art Festival /POCHEON BANWEOLl Art Hall, KOREA

2005  Playing Light / Museum of YOON SEOL, Gimhae KOREA

2004  YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE / TOTAL Museum .Seoul

2004  DECLARATION-100 Artists for Peace -/ National Museum of contemporary art Kwachun. Korea

2004  GWANGJU Biennale 2004 Eco-metro / KWANGJU. Korea

2004  GWANGJU Biennale-sites/ KWANGJU, Kwangju City Art Museum. KOREA

2004  NEW MEDIA Art project - Storytelling Media - COMO /Art center Navi. SKTelecom. Seoul. Korea

2004  The early movement of Technology Art in Korea

2004  “REALITY CHECK” / Taejon Metro Museum of Art. Korea

2004  FROM NORTH / HANKEESOOK Gallery Space 129. Taegu Korea

2003  YOUNGEUN 2003 Residency -The journey of Space - / YOUNGEUN Museum. Korea

2003  KYUNG-AN artist-in residency / YOUNGEUN Museum. Korea

2003  History and Consciousness, Landscape Prints of DOCKDO/ Seoul National University Museum, KOREA


2002  Taking Nine Colors/ YOUNGEUN museum of contemporary art, KOREA

2002  The Color of Korea / Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, KOREA

2002  KYOUNG-AN artist-in residency/YOUNGEUN museum of contemporary art, KOREA

2001  History and Consciousness, the Dokdo /Seoul National University Museum, KOREA

2001  Kyoung-An Open Studio-To the New Light and Life / YOUNGEUN museum of contemporary art, KOREA



2012  重新启动, Re-Booting / The Yan Huang Art Museum. Beijing .China

2009  The Exhibition of Artists in Residence Program 2009 Spring /Aomori Contemporary Art Center, JAPAN

2009  Identity V /Nichido contemporary art, JAPAN

2006  Das Kritische Auge <The critical eye> /Des Neuen Kunstvereins Aschaffenburg im KunstLANDing, GERMANY

2006  The art of Passat-ism / Marunouchi & My plaza building .Tokyo. JAPAN

2005  Des velar lo invisible video creación contemporánea / Courtesy of the Comunidad de Madrid Culture and Sports Milano. SPAIN

2005  BABY Project 2002-2010 /  Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, JAPAN

2003  IN BRUSSELS AND BARCELONA  -WINSTIL - /Cotthem Gallery.Barcelona.SPAIN

2003  Gallery Q 20 years Anniversary Exhibition / Gallery Q .Tokyo. JAPAN

2002  ATTITUDE 2002-One Truth in Your Heart / Kumamoto contemporary art Museum. JAPAN   

2002  Gender and Globalism-Aomori Contemporary Arts Center Artist-in-Residence Program 2002 Spring Vol.1. /Aomori Contemporary Arts Center, JAPAN

2002  The color of Korea / Aichi prefecture museum of art / Nagoya. JAPAN

2002  Korea & Japan print exhibition / print house OM / Yokohama. JAPAN

2000  Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2000 / Tokamachi city /JAPAN

2000  Alienation and Assimilation/ Asia Culture Museum, San Francisco. USA

1999  Slowness of Speed/The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. AUSTRALIA

1998  Slowness of Speed / National Gallery of Victory, Melbourne. AUSTRALIA         

1998  Alienation and Assimilation / The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago .USA

1998  In the year of the tiger Contemporary Art from Korea / Hous der Kulturen der welt, Berlin. GERMANY

1997  FAST FORWARD / Contemporary Art Gallery at Harbourfront Center, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

1996  By Night / Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain Paris . FRANCE

1996  Origin and Myths of Fire -New Art from Japan, China and Korea /The Museum of Modern Art, Saitams, JAPAN

1996  FIAC 96 Foire Interantionale d'ATR Contemporain / Paris FRANCE

1995  Circulating Currents-Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art- No.1,2 /JAPAN Aichi Art Center, Nagoya. JAPAN

1995  Territory of Mind-Korean Art of 1990's /ART TOWER MITO, JAPAN

1995  HUMAN COLLABORATION '95 Circulating Currents Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art /AICHI ARTS CENTER, JAPAN

1995  BIENNALE DE LYON / Lyon contemporary art museum, Lyon. France

1994  SEOUL-Nymax Festival - Anthology Film Archives - New York.  USA

1994  Creativity In ASIAN ART NOW / Hiroshima Contemporary art museum, JAPAN

1992  DOCUMENTA 9 / Friedrichsplatz, Kassel.   Germany

1992  POWER OF ART ’1992 / Q Gallery, Tokyo.   Japan

1992  Asia Complex / Solaria Plaza/ Japan

1990  Eight Individual from East ejuvenation [Seoul-Tokyo-New York], Art Project-Tokyo Program/ Sagacho Exhibit space, Tokyo. .Japan

1989  Berlin international Contemporary Art /  City Museum, Berlin. Germany

1989  20 Sao Paulo Biennale / Ibirapuera , Sao paulo . Brazil