Scent of Nature


2013.05.09 - 05.30

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Artist CV


She was born in Korea Seoul 1959, went to Glendale college in LA and Otis Parson college of Art and Design,

earned master degree at Sook-Myung Women's University in 1993.

became a finalist in 'Hankook Newsletter company's photo contest in L.A.

She worked as a teaching assistant at Korea National Sport Univ. of Seoul in 1989, took position of a college photographer for 3 years. She also worked as a part-time lecturer at Choong-Nam University and Mock-Won University of Dae-Jeon in 1990.

Solo exhibition

'Scent of nature', PYO Gallery Souyh, South Korea  May 2013

‘The Tourist' in Korean Cultural Service Jakarta,Indonesia January 2012

'continuous scent of the root' in Vladivostok Russia September 2010

'Scent of Root' at Gallery Wooduk in Seoul March 2010

'continuous scent of the root' Mil-all art museum in Seoul, January 2010

'appease the perfume' at Hankuk Art Museum in Yong-in April 2009

Group exhibition

‘Living in Mabukdong' at Hankuk Art Museum, April 2013

‘The fifth memorial of Nam June Paik' Lee Eun Joo and Chang Soung -Un Photo Exhibition, at Hankuk Art Museum, January 2011

‘5070 New Discoveries' Korean Cultural Service NY October 2010

'Now Asian Artist' Busan Biennale 2010 Busan September 2010

'Features of Contemporary Photograph' in Yong-in July 2010

'One's who lingers on their spot'at Hankuk Art Museum , May 2010

‘5Person’s Photo Work’ Gallery Scope L.A. California, U.S.A 1983


Owned by Seoul Museum of Art, Seok Ju Foundation for Arts and Culture ,Moran Museum, Mil-all art Museum, Korean Cultural Center(Jakarta) Hankuk Art Museum, Vladivostok International Univ., Consulate General of the Republic of Korea (Vladivostok ) individuals.