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2013.09.14 - 11.09

Exhibition View
Artist CV

박승훈 Park,  Seung  Hoon  (朴昇勳)


1978, lives and works in Seoul, S. Korea



2009 MFA Photography, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

2004 BA Tourism, Han-Yang University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibition

2015 ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery South, Seoul

2014 ‘Unexpected Space’, B’one gallery, Seoul

2014 Park Seung Hoon Solo Show, Visionair, Singapore

2013 ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery Seoul, Seoul

2013 ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery LA, LA

2013 Park Seung Hoon Solo Show, Visionair, Paris

2012 ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery Seoul, Seoul

2011 ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery LA, LA

2011 ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery South, Seoul

2010 ‘TEXTUS’, Sarah Lee Artworks & Projects, Santa Monica

2010 ‘TEXTUS’, b’one gallery, Seoul

2009 ‘TEXTUS’, Space 355, Tokyo

2009 ‘Photo Belt’ Exhibition, UM Gallery, Seoul 


Group Exhibition

2015 Re/Constructed, Pyo gallery LA, LA

2015 回東談話展, Art District P, Busan

2015 Birth of a Scene, Gallery Lux, Seoul

2014 Dialogue, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong

2014 'Group Show', Visionair, Paris

2014 Kan Text, Space22, Seoul

2014 Festival of Photography in Museums, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Gyeongnam

2013 New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Brussels

2013 100 Photographers, Bibliotheque departementale, Marseille

2013 Another Chain Bridge, Koran Cultural Office, Budapest

2013 Love Actually, Seoul Museum, Seoul

2012 Hong Kong international photo festival, Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong

2012 Daegu Photo Biennale, Center for Developing Culture, Daegu

2012 Urban promenade, Pohang Museum, Pohang

2012 Photo Transgression, Art space Jungmiso, Seoul

2012 ‘Delving In’, Interalia, Seoul

2011 Seoul Photo Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 ASEAN-Korea Contemporary Media Art, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 Three Photographers in wonderland, Pyo Gallery South, Seoul

2011 Seoul, City Exploration, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 Studio Vortex 2, Galerie Montgrand, France Marseille

2010 Photo Off, La Bellevilloise, Paris

2010 New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris

2010 Aspects of Korean Contemporary Photography, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2010 All the Scenes of the World, Jang-Heung Art Park Museum, Jang-Heung

2010 Beyond the Lens, ShinHan Bank Gallery, Seoul

2009 10 Years Photography Criticism Prize, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2009 Seoul International Photo Festival, Garden 5, Seoul

2009 Paris Photo, Louvre, Paris

2009 Different 4 ways, Guardian Garden, Tokyo

2009 Atelierdevisu Projection of Photographs, atelier de visu, France Marseille



2010 Best Portfolio (Daegu Photo Biennale, Korea)

2009 Photo Belt 2009 (SIPA, Korea)

2008 10th Photography criticism Prize (Time Space, Korea)



2012 Goyang art studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 2011 Nanji Art Studio, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea

2010 LITMUS, Ansan Korea

2009 ALTELIER DE VISU, France Marseille



National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea – Art Bank

Korea Exchange

Kiturami Cultural Foundation

Sanofi-aventis Korea