After the garden is closed

2012.06.01 - 07.07

Exhibition View

PYO Gallery LA is pleased to announce After The Garden Is Closed, a solo exhibition of new works by Ivory Yeunmi Lee. The exhibition dates are June 1 thru July 7, 2012. A reception for the artist will be held  on Saturday, June 2, from 6 to 9 pm.

Ivory Yeunmi Lee’s first solo exhibition at Pyo Gallery, After The Garden Is Closed consists of paintings that blur the line  between the imagined and the real. She dreams even while she is not sleeping, and creates images that function like a fairy-tale of the mind. Ivory’s interest in blurring these states began when she visited the National Museum in the Czech  Republic; there she experienced a collection of rare stuffed animals. One animal in particular caught her attention,  the extinct Dodo appeared as unreal yet it occupied a ver real space. Since then, Lee’s works have strived to make visible  this sense of wonderment, they invite elements from her imagination into the world of experience one dream at a time.  The artist states: “Living in that garden are people tainted by their desires, as well as many unfamiliar animals.  All gardens are an attempt to rediscover a paradise lost.”

Ivory Yeunmi Lee studied painting at the prestigious Kookmin University’s College of Fine Arts in Korea where she earned a BFA and an MFA degree. Since then, her work has been widely exhibited throughout China, Japan and Korea. Pyo Gallery LA is delighted to host Lee’s premier exhibition in the United States.