After the garden is closed


2012.06.01 - 07.07

Exhibition View
Artist CV

이연미  Lee, Yeunmi 


Born in 1981

2004 Graduated College of Fine Arts, Kookmin University B.F.A.

2008 Graduate school of kookmin university M.F.A


Solo exhibition

2012  "After the garden is closed", PYO Gallery LA, Los Angeles, USA

2009  "The closed garden 2ed story _ The garden inferno" interalia, seoul

2008  "The closed garden"-Tokyo-gallery, Japan

2007  "I DON'T KNOW WHAT" kookominart gallery, seoul

2005  "Fantastic Nature" Da Vinci gallery, seoul

Group exhibition

2010  Paju book city art platform 1st residency exhibition.

2010  Sun gallery 33rd Anniversary exhibition, Insa-dong

2010  Changwon Asia Art Festival 'The Fantastic Garden', Changwon

2009   "Enliven- In Between Realities and Fiction - Animamix Biennial 2009-2010" Today Art Museum, Baijing, China

2009  "Metaphors of Un/Real - Animamix Biennial 2009-2010" Shanghai MoCA, China

2009  "Wonderful Pictures", ILMIN Museum of Art , Seoul

2009  "Art Road77", Hangil art space, Heyri

2009  "Fashion, Art, Raising Translation" Aramnuri Museum of Art, Goyang

2009  "Young Generation Artist_KOREA", withspace gallery, 789 artzone,  Bejing, China

2009  "Narrative play 2009", Gallery Ho, Seoul

2008  "IYAP" Interalia, Seoul

2007  "Work in progress" B.T.A.P +Tokyo gallery, Beijing, China

2007  "The flower" Tong-in gallery, Seoul

2006  "The support's night" Savina Museum, Seoul

2006  "White sale love for children" Gana Art center miru, Seoul

2006  "Seoul Auction Young Artists"f Insa Art center, Seoul

2006  "SeMA2006" Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2006  "Trend-Spotting" gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul

2006  "Three toes" Moran gallery, Seoul

2006  "Hey Art, Hello Design!!" Moa gallery, Heyri

2006  "The Perfect Garden" Kookmin Art gallery, Seoul

2005  "Vision21" SungShin Womin's Univ, Seoul

2005  "Public Art Project" Chongshin Univ. Library , Team-Preview, Seoul

2005  "3rd Preview" Team-Preview, Seoul

2004  "Breath" Indeco gallery, Seoul

2003  "pulled out to imagination" Kookmin Art gallery, Seoul

2003  "Kibal" Kookmin Univ, Seoul

2003  "Kaleidoscope"f Ssamzie space cafe gallery, Seoul




2009-2010 Paju book city art platform 1st residency