Group Exhibition


2011.06.25 - 07.23

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Artist CV

이은주  Eun-Joo Lee


B.A. Sungkyunkwan University. Seoul

Photographic studies at School of Visual Arts. New York

New England School of Photography. Boston


Awards & Prizes

Grand Prix at the 30th National Art Exhibition, 1981

Nominated as one of 'Ten Best Photographers of the Year' by the Korea Photographers Association, 1980

Bronze Prize at the Korea International Salon of Photography, 1981

Cultural-Photo award by the Korean Photographers Association, 1982

Nominated as one of 'Five Artists of the Year' by the daily Dong-A Ilbo, 1982

Hyundai Photo Culture Award, 1996


Solo Exhibitions

1982  'Images of Hawaii' at galleries of U.S.I.S in Seoul, Kwangju, Busan and Daegu

1983  'Korean dance' at Korean Cultural Service in Tokyo

1984  'Images of Hawaii' at Lotte gallery, Seoul

1984  'Korean dance' at Korean Cultural Services in Paris and New York

1986  'Korean dance' at Dong-Bang Plaza gallery, Seoul

1988  'Korean dance' at Korean Cultural Service in L.A.

1989  'Korean dance' at Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Boston

1990  'Czech modern ballet' at Pine Hill gallery, Seoul

1993  'Bolshoi Ballet' at Press Center gallery, Seoul

1993  'Ballet du Rhin' at Cultural Center of France in Seoul

1998  'Portraits of Musicians' at Press Center gallery, Seoul

2003  'Eun-Joo Lee's '108 Portraits of Excellence' at the Press Center gallery, Seoul

2007  'Portraits of Video Artist Nam June Paik' at Philip Kang gallery, Seoul

2008  'Eun-Joo Lee's 'Profiles in Love' at Sun galley, Seoul

2009  'Image of Nam June Paik's Works' at NJP Arts Center, YongIn

2009  'Portraits of Artists' at the Face Museum, Kwangju.Gyeonggi-do

2010  'Video Artist Mam June Paik' at Seongnam Arts Center, Korea

2010  'Video Artist Mam June Paik' at Korean Cultural Service in Tokyo

2011  'Video Artist Mam June Paik' at Hankuk Arts Museum, Korea

2011  'Video Artist Mam June Paik' at Korean Cultural Service in New York

2011  'Video Artist Mam June Paik' at Korean Cultural Service in Los Angeles




National Museum of Modern Arts, Seoul

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul

Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

Korean National University of Arts, Seoul

Korean-American Cultural Foundation, Seoul

McKinsey Inc., Seoul Finance Center, Seoul

Woongjin Group, Seoul

The Yewon School, Seoul

Nam June Paik Art Center, YongIn

Face Museum, Kwangju, Gyeonggi-do

Samseong Museum of Publishing



Invited artist by the Korean Photographers Association


최시내  Shinae Choi

Graduate of Shinku College (photography major)

Photo exhibitions 

2010  Seongnam Arts Center, Seongnam, Korea

2010  Korean Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan

2011  Korean Cultural Center, New York

2011  Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles


Shinae Choi has been specializing in photographing dance for past ten years,

covering all genre of dance from Korean traditional, modem and ballet.

She is more zealous in ballet and spend more time and energy in taking ballet pictures.