2011.05.07 - 06.18

PYO GALLERY, LA, is pleased to present a solo exhibition by California based artist Ji Oh; THERE, and NOW. Ji Oh’s sculptures and painting operate on the periphery of subjective mark-making and free-association,  to explore poetic and surrealist expression. This exhibition surveys a period that spans over fifteen years of  creative inquiry, visually connecting the "there and then" to "here and now.” Her surrealist inspired works  hang in bold contrast to larger metaphysical structures, serving as a chronicle of her exploratory style and  a conscious search for beauty. Ji Oh’s mastery of color and texture are infused with a variety of paint  mediums to produce fields of unexpected rhythmic delight. Her surface concerns include the organic  versus mechanical, form versus space, and the mysterious relationship between the object and the image.  Ji explained, “My work combines delicately placed bits of fabric, paint chips, and manipulated photo  imagery to create transformed pieces of deep complexity.” Amongst the wide selection of materials and  techniques presented, a methodical focus on the aesthetic is the defining signature of her work. Oh‘s  creative process involves using recognizable and philosophical elements to spark accidental outcomes  both in appearance and in meaning. 

Oh received her MFA from Claremont University in 1989. Since then, her work has been exhibited at museums  and galleries in Southern California and through out Australia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and Korea. In addition, Ji Oh has received numerous awards and commissions for her contributions to the arts. 2011 marks  her twenty first year of teaching at her private studio in Walnut, California.