Calling for happiness


2010.10.23 - 11.21

Exhibition View

Materials used for expressing ideas in contemporary art have been expanded in many different ways. In this Invitational exhibition, the Korea artist, Lim, Sun-mi introduces a new approach towards painting by using a glossy and resinous material called lacquer which often has been used for decorating craft works.

Lim, Sun-mi narrates Korean traditional folktales on the surfaces of her works by applying a several coated layers of lacquer and recreates a spiritual and rhythmical space. With a combination of a profound background color and glossy colored patterns of pearls, her works not only shows important aspects of the usages of materials in painting but also in the decorative art. In her works, she intends to show the effect of using lacquered finish techniques and how it creates a simple and natural beauty without adding artificial forces. Through this exhibition, I hope to share the eternal beauty of nature and warm spirit in Lim’s works which reveal a naive dream and hope.



                     PYO Gallery

                                                                                                                                        President   PYO, Mi-Sun