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Moving in the Calmness


2010.09.04 - 10.02

Huh, Dal Jae is a Korean born artist who by the age of 6 was already skilled in calligraphy by way of the teachings of his grandfather.  His calligraphy training led to an expertise in ink painting; boasting a firm grip of the brush, a steady hand, and repetitive rhythm. Huh's work is likened to literati art, a style derived from the New Southern School of Chinese painting where, much like the Impressionists, the artists intend to disassociate themselves from academic tradition.  Literati art is often simplified and expressive and is achieved with calligraphic influence. The Asian artist customarily expresses himself, not through the content of the work, but through each unique brushstroke and one can get a true sense of the emotions of the soul just by the idiosyncrasies of Huh's individual strokes.


John Goodman, editorial advisor of Art Asia Pacific, says of Huh's patterned compositional plane, that the simulated ebb and flow of movement takes the viewer across the expanse of the canvas, much in the same way a flock of birds will draw a person's glance across the blank of the sky. Huh is able to define the negative space by the pairings of opposites; by embracing the negative space with his intricate patterns.


Huh, Dal Jae's work has been shown in Seoul, New York, and Paris. PYO GALLERY is proud to be the first in Los Angeles to exhibit his breathtaking work.

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