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Making Apple Jam On The Christmas Day


2010.08.24 - 09.25

Exhibition View
Artist CV

노세환  ROH, SEAN

2012  M.F.A. Fine Art, Slade School of Fine art, UCL

2005  B.A Fine Art Kyung hee University

Born in 1978


Solo Exhibitions

2010  Making apple jam on the Christmas day, PYO Gallery South, Seoul, Korea

2008  One second for each, Gallery Joong ang , Dea ku, Korea

2008  a Point of view for New world 2008, Gallery Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan

2008  One second for each, Moonshin Museum, Seoul, Korea

2007  Little Long Moment, Gallery MANO, Seoul, Korea

2006  Roh, sean Photography, Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea

2006  the One-eyed Green Traffic Signal, In-sa Art Center, Seoul, Korea


Group Exhibitions

2010  Lifescape in Art, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang

2009  Song Eun Art prize, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2009  Aim High, Special exhibition from Joongang Fine arts Prize, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2009  Body Speaks, Touch Art Gallery, Heyri, Korea

2009  Dissipation and Return- Kyung bok metro Museum, Seoul, Korea

2009  Roh, Sean- Jun, young ki 2men Show, Mano Gallery, Seoul Korea

2009  Artists of the Future, Gallery Rho, Korea

2009  Heropia, SEO Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008  In the Moment, Gallery Cha, Seoul, Korea

2008  Nature from Factory, the Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008  The bridge, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2008  Before the Blooming Season, the Kang Nam wards office building, Seoul, Korea

2008  ASYAAF(Asia Young Artists Art Festival), the old Seoul station-Cho sun Newspaper daily, Seoul, Korea

2008  Mini Room, Gallery Park Ryu sook, Seoul, Korea

2008  Practical Art, Gallery Seo, Seoul Korea

2008  30th Joongang Finearts Prize, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2008  Korean Contemporary Art, Cite International Des Arts, Paris, France

2008  “memory is the taste.”, In-sa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2008  Atelier Artists, In-sa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2008  Big and Hip_Korean Photography now, Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea

2007 Light scape(Duet Exhibition), Gallery William Morris ,Heyri, Korea

2007  the Blur, Mook Gallery of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2007  Jang Heung Art Park Open Studio, Jang Heung Studio, Jang heung, Korea

2007  Heyri Young Artist Project, Gallery Keum san, Paju, Korea

2007  Imagination, Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea

2007  The Extra Time, The Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2007  Some Place Some Time, Decoya (Seo Gallery), Seoul, Korea

2006  Jang Heung Art Park Open Studio, Jang Heung Studio, Jang heung, Korea

2006  Drawing Love Letter, TTL Zone, Seoul, Korea

2006  Digital Analog Nostalgia, Mun Hwa Il Bo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005  the Voice of Young Artist, Shiji Hanmohualang, Beijing, China

2003  Photography/Installation, Gallery Han gang, Seoul, Korea



2007 Pubic Photo Project, Dongdaemun stadium Station (City Gallery Project - Seoul City Council)

2006 the 4th Project for patients , Lee, Hong chul Hospital, Bu-chun, Korea



2009 Song Eun Art prize

2008 ASYAAF Prize, Cho sun Newspaper daily

2008 30th Joongang Finearts Prize, Chung ang Newspaper daily

2008 Korea Culture & Arts Foundation, Selected Artist for New start Program, Seoul, Korea


Public collection

Koreana Museum, Gang Nam Gu Office


Residency Programs

2006-2009  1st , 2nd Jang Heung Art Atelier

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