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Thou to be seen Tomorrow


2010.03.27 - 05.06

Exhibition View

PYO Gallery LA presents Thou to Be Seen Tomorrow featuring works by

South Korean abstract expressionist painter, Young Ha Park.


His monochromatic paintings are not “about” something, they are something: they are color, paint texture and behavior, and the working out of visual tension set up between non-figurative forms.


His abstract nature paintings are oddly comforting and honest for its simplicity, plainness, and hues of grays, browns, ochres, off whites, and deep blacks. Park mixes sand or pulverized terra cotta with his paint to make a roughened surface that resembles centuries-old walls with scratches and crumbling plaster.


Young Ha Park was born in Korea and pursued both his BFA and MFA at the prestigious Hong-Ik University in South Korea. His work has been very well received at numerous art fairs; among them, the Shanghai Art Fair in

China, Seoul International Art Fair in Korea, and Yokohama Art Fair in Japan. In addition to his success in Asia, he has contributed works to the Australian Contemporary Art Fair and the Berlin Art Fair.

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